❀ Cuppa Flower ❀

Brunch has got to be the best invention since electricity! And this new brunch place is electrifying. Definitely one of my new favourite brunch places in Sydney and you’re about to see why.

Three words you guys: ALL-DAY-BREAKFAST!

Who doesn’t love an adorable cuppa Totoro and matching chiffon and swiss roll cakes

Not only were these little Totoros just the cutest little things, they were also fluffy and delicious and not too sweet. Totoro-y perfect!


Cuppa Avocado Toast $12.50

Breakfast Burger $11.80

Salmon Eggs $18.50

Sweet Corn Fritters $18.90

I’m a sucker for sweet corn fritters so that takes the cake from the breakfast menu

The granola $14.00 and the seasonal fruit salad $8.50

LUNCH: Cuppa Flower Special Rice Noodles (Beef and Pork options) $16.50

If you guys have the stomach capacity for it or if you’re like me and just love over ordering, I’d highly recommend getting both the beef and pork noodles. By far my favourite dish!


Also, if you guys are looking for a lighter brunch sesh option, get the acai bowl. Take this from someone who lives above Cuppa Flower and has their acai bowls on the reg’, it is dy-no-MITE! and really really pretty!

Drinks wise, I’m a chai latte girl through and through but you should also look at trying their flower teas. Such a beautifully light fragrant blend. They have a choice of rose, chrysanthemum and lotus.

Hope you guys all get a chance to try out this place and love it as much as I do!




(02) 8319 4116

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 8.44.50 pm



One comment

  1. paulliverstravels · August 23, 2017

    Ah, brunch, the perfect excuse to have a breakfast as big as lunch. Mmm…


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